Welcome to Paned Expressions Studios

Thank you for visiting Paned Expressions Stained Glass Studios' Website. Make sure to visit our stained glass gallery and stained glass pattern design services during your stay.

We are glass artists specializing in the design, and fabrication of stained, etched & carved glass for home and office applications. All pieces are one of a kind creations and are signed by the artists.

The richness and beauty of ever changing light streaming through the texture and color of stained glass make it a wonderfully satisfying medium in which to work and create. The challenge we set for ourselves with every window is to capture the essence of our subject without allowing the image or idea to be compromised by technical difficulties inherent to stained glass such as extra lines to accommodate ease of cut, etc. We think of our methods as a little like painting with glass.

While we work, we have a large variety of glass spread out around us on the light tables, like a palette, and by choosing each piece carefully and using multiple layers, we can get subtle variations of shade and hue. To achieve a particular effect in the glass, each glass sheet is carefully chosen and at times only a small portion of a full sheet is actually used in the piece.

In addition to our stained glass work we are able to enhance the design detail and beauty of the glass through the use of etching and fired painting techniques.

Our work is represented in THE GUILD, the industry standard in artist's sourcebooks.